Tuesday, March 3, 2009



The Denise!

the patty 5.6
the bun 5.3
the fixin's 6.0
the sides 5.7
total package 5.5

accessibility 7.6
the service 6.5
cleanliness 7.3
the price 6.9
"it" factor 3.6


Located in Oakley, Fatburger (Map It!) has migrated its way east from California. Let's be clear—this is fast food, but clearly a step up from most typical fast food joints. Its lot made parking easy, the wait was brief, and the price was cheap—a burger and fries were around eight bucks. If you're looking for a quick meal to fulfill a burger craving, look no further. If you're looking for the best burger in Cincinnati, this isn't the place.

In my opinion, Fatburger has the best fast food burger in Cincinnati. The beef and veggies were fresh, and the steak fries were tasty. At the end of the day, good fast food is still fast food. Like my grandpa told me one time when he saw me in a tux, “You can’t polish a turd.”

Fatburger is pretty much what I expected out of a semi-fast food chain. The burgers were pretty average in size and equally average in taste. The ease and convenience are definitely a plus. Overall, Fatburger was fairly underwhelming. No bells, no whistles. Just fat and burgers.

Fatburger is slow fast food. Save your money and go to BK.

Fatburger falls somewhere between fast food and diner food; however, it more closely resembles fast food. For a fast food burger, it is great and highly recommended. If you're looking for something more, Fatburger isn't for you.

Fatburger is a tasty break from traditional, frozen-patty fast food chains. A worker confirmed for us the patties are fresh and handmade. However, it doesn't really compare to sit-down burger experience. Overall, the burger was on the thin (as opposed to fat) side, and the fries were just ok - similar to what you'd get from the freezer section at Kroger. I happened to really like that they had fresh-made lemonade and iced tea - which I love to mix together. Other than that, I'd say Fatburger is a notch or two above Wendy's (my personal favorite fast food restaurant).

Fatburger is what it is - a pretty good burger, but nothing special. It is better than fast food, but probably won't be able to compete with most of our stops on the tour. One thing - do not get the small burger. It is about the size of a silver dollar.

When I got my Fatburger I was pretty disappointed by the size. It wasn't that fat at all. The taste was pretty good, but all in all it was just fast food.

Great for fast food. I expected something greasy and "fast foodish" but it was freshly made, the bun wasn't soaked with grease, the condiments were fresh and the steak fries were crispy. Definitely a good quick burger.

Fatburger was fine. That's really all you can say about it. It wasn't bad; it wasn't amazing. If you're wanting a better burger than McDonald's, hit it up. But if you're wanting something mouthwatering and monumental, keep driving!

Fatburger is a fast food place hands down. Keeping that in mind, it was a tasty burger, but I wouldn't seek it out. As a side note, I have learned that I do love pickles on my burger!


  1. Maybe it lost something during its migration from CA ?

  2. I'm trying to remember. Did any of us think to ask if these patties were frozen? What about if they were frozen? Did we have any further questions?

  3. I'm hoping to see a RUDY sometime soon ! Hope all of you can find one.