Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oakley Pub & Grill


The Rudy!

the patty 8.7
the bun 8.3
the fixin's 9.0
the sides 8.5
total package 9.0

accessibility 9.5
the service 9.6
cleanliness 8.6
the price 8.9
"it" factor 8.5


Convenient location, quality meat, and amazing service all add up to an excellent burger experience at Oakley Pub & Grill (Map It!). Maybe not the best burger in the city (although it's pretty close), but the service was outstanding. The buns were toasted and the patty was thick, but what really stood out were the variety of fixin's to top the burger. Sides varied among team members, but we highly recommend the onion rings or coleslaw. Moderate prices and a relaxed atmosphere make Oakley Pub & Grill a must for all burger lovers.

I loved this place. My favorite burger of the tour so far, and possibly my favorite onion rings EVER. The vibe was sweet (except that Chris’ boy kept eyeballing me like he wanted to start somethin’) and the service couldn’t have been better. You’re dumb if you don’t go to Oakley Pub.

The Oakley Pub is now one of my favorite places to go. Our experience there was so good that I had to go back on a busy Friday evening just to see if it was the same. I am happy to report that the food and service were just as good. The burgers are well thought out and equally well executed. The slaw is awesome too! I'm thinking Rudy.

Few places are as comfortable as the Oakley Pub. You almost expect the crowd to exclaim "Norm!" as you walk in the door (providing someone in your group is named Norm or you happen to visit the pub with George Wendt in tow). It is just a feel good pub that delivers on the promise of a cold drink and solid meal. The burger was in the upper-echelon of beefy goodness. Not too big, not too small and cooked to perfection. Solid fries, stellar slaw, and Bloody Mary goodness topped off a great eating experience. For the record the service was extraordinary (not one mistake in the group of 13). Ted Danson has nothing on our bartender Jay!

Oakley Pub took me by surprise. It was like the Carrot Top of burgers. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did, but it was pretty freakin' good! I ordered the Zola Burger complete with capicola ham, bacon, mushroom, onion and American cheese. It was cooked exactly as ordered and was exceptionally tasty. And if you like coleslaw, I venture to say that you will not find better coleslaw anywhere. It's coleslaw with an Asian twist and was like a little cabbage heaven in my mouth. Side note. My six year old son joined us this week. He went with the straight cheeseburger (no frills) with fries. He says he loved his burger. He did comment that McDonald's still had better fries. Overall, he "loved" the experience (but I think that might have had something to do with his immediate crush on Allie).

Wow! Good Burgers!!

The service was incredible! The famous Asian slaw was good! The burger was delicious! I will be going back!

Their Asian-influenced coleslaw is a crouching-tiger, hidden-dragon cabbage treat. It's dangerously and sneakily delicious. I highly recommend this joint. Good food, good jukebox, good vibes.

Oakley Pub has a great atmosphere, really fun and friendly service, and the burgers are delish! The portions are big, but not so much that you can't be a clean plater. It is a place every Cincinnatian should visit.

I really enjoyed Oakley Pub. The bartenders are extremely friendly and attentive. And, more importantly, the burger was delicious! I chose the Soul Burger which had jerk spices, sauteed onions, bacon, and cheddar cheese. I asked for it without cheese, and it came without cheese! The burgers are big - I believe the menu says 1/2 lb. I highly recommend Oakley Pub - both for its tasty burgers and its relaxing atmosphere.

The meat was pretty good. The bun was ok. But, somehow, the burger came together and worked really well. Other people have mentioned their specialty burgers, and I highly recommend the Memphis - the barbecue sauce and mayo combined for amazing flavor. The fries were average, but I tried an onion ring from someone else's plate and they are amazing. Normally service doesn't matter much to me, but Oakley Pub was the best we've had so far.

Everything about the Oakley Pub and its burgers is perfect or as close to perfection as you can get. I was stressed at the beginning of our time there because I couldn't decide which burger to go for! The Soul Burger did not do me wrong, and I will have to quickly go back to try the other burgers I wanted to try (The Memphis, The Black and Blue, The Zola...) The service was exceptional, Jay went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of. I will be ticked if this place is not ranked in Cirque's Top 3...It'll be hard to beat.

Great burger with interesting options! I had the Bayou burger, with jerk seasonings, grilled onion, and cheddar. The burger, paired with the Bloody Mary that came "spicy," had my mouth happily ablaze. I loved how the patty seemed to nestle effortlessly into the bun, as though they were made for each other. Delicious!


  1. Cute kid. Looks JUST like my mailman.

  2. Hands down the best burger in Cincinnati / NKY.