Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill


The Rudy!

the patty 9.2
the bun 8.4
the fixin's 9.1
the sides 8.6
total package 9.2

accessibility 8.7
the service 9.1
cleanliness 9.0
the price 8.8
"it" factor 9.0


Mt. Adams Bar & Grill (Map It!) serves an amazing burger and offers a great atmosphere. Parking in Mt. Adams is always an issue, so practice your parallel parking skills before making the trip. The restaurant is always clean, the service is friendly, and the neighborhood feels like a small town in the middle of a big city. Considering the area, it's a nice surprise to get a basic burger and fries for under ten dollars. Our first Rudy!

Snoop Doggy Dog may have said it best when he scribed the lyrics, "Perfection is perfected, so I'm a let 'em understand." Mt. Adams Bar & Grill is the proverbial "shizzle." The closest to perfection that we have experienced. The decent Bloody Mary was the low-point of the meal, that says a lot. Loved it.

In my book, Mt. Adams Bar & Grill is as good as it gets. Their double cheeseburger is perfection on a bun. I can't explain why it works so well, but the ratio of meat to cheese is perfect, and the burger's flavor is divine. It will always be a Rudy in my book.

Mt. Adams isn't exactly the most convenient spot, but the charm and ambiance of the area more than make up for that. You can't help but feel like you're sitting in the very seat that many a passing though celebrity probably sat in to catch a drink or chow on a burger before jet-setting off to somewhere. The burgers were above average in every category. Big, juicy and cooked perfectly to order. The best burger I've eaten, no. But quaintness and charm go a long way.

A burger with a fried egg on top? Yes, please! I'm not sure that burgers in Cincinnati get any better than they are at Mt. Adams Bar & Grill. Great atmosphere, great location, GREAT food.

This burger was beautiful. It stayed together until the last bite, AND it was delicious! The history of the place is cool but it didn't blow me away with an amazing ambiance. But who cares when you have such a yummy patty in your mouth?!

I feel like Mt. Adams Bar & Grill could make vegetarians love hamburgers. It was beyond incredible. The double with monterey jack and bacon is the way to go. The only thing that I could even begin to say was wrong was that my bun was a LITTLE soggy. But a minimally soggy bun and hard to find parking is more than worth the amazingness that will go into your mouth.

With all the guns, knives and lighters on the walls, I had a feeling I was in for some good red meat. I was right. The burger was amazing. It had great flavor, was a good size and wasn’t too sloppy.

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill was a great stop on the meat train. Very cool atmosphere, I loved the old bar look with dark wood and zippos lining the wall. Our server Mary was awesome, very funny and attentive. The fries were a highlight, though not fresh, they were very crispy on the outside with soft potatoey goodness inside. The only part that left me wanting more was the salsa that topped my burger, it was neither plentiful nor flavorful. And what was with the cups and cups of straws lining the table?

Get the Famous (quarter pounder w/ salsa and cheese) add some bacon and a fried egg. Hoo boy....heaven 'tween two buns. This place is the real deal, friends. Run, don't walk there.

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill's burgers were AWESOME!! I just had the classic and it was a near perfect burger. If you want to get a little crazy I had a bite of my husbands burger which had an egg and bacon on it and it was like a party in my mouth!!!

One of my favorite places in Cincinnati, Mt. Adams Bar & Grill is the perfect place to gather with friends and eat a delicious burger. The atmosphere is cozy and surprisingly unpretentious, given its location, and the burgers are cooked just right - with whatever toppings your heart desires, including a fried egg! Love it. I think it will be impossible to beat.

Aside from the wimpy Bloody Mary, this place is awesome on all counts. Any time I have the opportunity to answer the question, "Would you like to add a fried egg to that double cheese burger?" I'm instantly feeling optimistic about the meal. I was not let down. Go to Mt. Adams Bar and Grill and eat. You will be glad that you did.

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