Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Habits Cafe


The Theo!

the patty 7.6
the bun 6.3
the fixin's 8.3
the sides 7.8
total package 7.5

accessibility 9.5
the service 8.8
cleanliness 8.4
the price 7.9
"it" factor 7.7


(This week's post is dedicated to our number one fan, CJ.) Habits Cafe is located in the heart of Oakley (Map It!) and offers a nice variety of gourmet burgers. Overall, the experience didn't wow us, but if you prefer your burgers with a spicy kick—Pepper Jack cheese, spicy onion straws, jalapeno mayo—Habits is the place for you. The selection of fries was nice, but if you're looking for their best side, try the potato rags appetizer. It's a real crowd-pleaser. The price seemed a little high for what you get, but the restaurant had a nice vibe, and the service was friendly. Definitely worth a stop for any burger lover.

If I had the metabolism of an 8th grader I'd come here and get the potato rags every weekend. Best appetizer in Cincinnati. Habits is one my favorite joints in the city for a bite. Always good food, good vibe and in a good part of town. Good to the third power. They should pay me for that tagline. They'd end up getting their money back on account of my p-rags addiction. Get the Godzilla burger. It's literally the hotness.

Habits is a pretty cool place, but I wasn’t crazy about the food. I had the Godzilla Burger, with Pepper Jack, spicy onion straws and jalapeno mayo. The toppings were flavorful, but the patty was not. My onion rings were watery and gross, and my bun was stale. I do love their house specialty Potato Rags appetizer. It’s a hash brown and veggie concoction that is pretty tough to beat. I think Habits is a sweet bar, and the burger would be tasty after a few beers. Its just not anything near what I would consider the best burger in the ‘Nati.

I like the feel of Habits. I can't really describe why, but it is what I picture a pub in England would be like. I'd say my burger was a little bland (I had the Euro burger). Others said theirs were delish, so I would try another next time. As for sides you must get the potato rags and sweet potato fries! They were amazing!

Habits Cafe is a great place to relax and watch the proverbial "game." I don't know that it's the place to get THE burger. The burger was good, but not great. Habits had a tremendous amount of options as far as toppings and styles of burgers. In a similar fashion, there was a nice choice of "styles" of fries; but, at the end of the meal, I wasn't overly impressed. I think next time I'll check out something else on the menu other than the burger.

Overall, I was satisfied. At this point in the tour, I base my score mostly on how likely I would be to return to a place. Habits - probably not, but that doesn't mean it was a bad burger. Just not the best.

Habits is a pretty good place to hang out and get some grub. The burger won't blow your mind, but was definitely solid.

I decided to get the Ostrich burger and I loved it. Habits has a great variety of burgers no matter what your taste is from "heart attack on a plate" to "lean machine."

Habits is a great neighborhood joint. I really liked the burger there (I got the Cajun - Black Hole style) and it was awesome. But, I couldn't remember what I got a week later, so I feel like it wasn't the best burger in the world. The potato rags are what you need to go to Habits for...freaking incredible.

Habits is one of my favorite local joints. The food is consistently good, and the atmosphere is fun and casual. The burgers are really tasty and affordable.

Habits was good, otherwise I don't have much to say. I loved my first experience with the potato rags, definitely a MUST have and the Bloody Mary was nice and spicy. I had the Godzilla burger, the name is more impressive than the burger actually was and unfortunately the bun seemed stale. Habits is a great place for some potato rags, a few rounds of after work drinks and a game of pool.

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