Cirque's Beginnings

So everyone understands how Cirque du Savory came to exist, here's a little back story:

On January 31, 2009, a few friends were sitting around at a bar in the Gaslight District, and a pretty serious discussion about hamburgers broke out. Everyone has been there. It was a lot of, "This burger is my fave," and, "That burger kicks ass." A couple of people started talking about Terry's Turf Club, a burger joint in East End that is making huge waves in the Cincinnati burger scene, and we decided to check it out the following day.

We all met up at Terry's the next afternoon to crush some burgers. Now, without going into a lot of detail, we are talking about a pretty serious burger here. Everyone was loving their food and enjoying each other's company, and we quickly decided that we had to do this more often.

We decided to try burgers all over the city and compare. Two weeks later, we hit Arthur's in Hyde Park. This was when it got real. We gave ourselves a name, documented what factors we would consider for scoring our restaurant visits, and started to define our mission.

We are seeking more than a good burger. We are looking for places that have "it."

The Cirque du Savory team realizes that the perfect lunch goes far beyond the food on our plate or the price on the check. It’s much, much more. It’s something in the air that makes us laugh and feel closer to the people around us. It’s that moment when you’re chatting with pals, the spice of your Bloody Mary is perfect, your burger is just the way you like it, and the waitress seems like an old friend.

In that moment, you think to yourself, “This is it!” That it is what we seek. We believe it's not just a dream. It may not be tangible, but "it" is very real. A place either has it or it doesn't. While "it" is tough to explain, it doesn't take long to tell whether or not a place has it. The Cirque du Savory team is determined to find it, define it and share it with the world so that everyone might enjoy the ultimate burger experience.

So, loosen your belt a couple of notches and join us as we go in search of the ultimate burger experience.