Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zip's Cafe


The Rudy!

the patty 9.5
the bun 9.0
the fixin's 9.0
the sides 9.6
total package 9.3

accessibility 8.5
the service 9.6
cleanliness 8.8
the price 9.3
"it" factor 9.4


Zip's Cafe (Map It!) blew the Cirque team away with an amazing burger, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere. Our highest score to date, Zip's is located in the heart of Mt. Lookout. Parking can be an issue, and during busy times, it may take a few minutes to be seated, but it's well worth the wait. The burgers are simple (lettuce, tomato, pickles), but the fresh meat is delicious. You simply must try the onion rings—the best we have tasted. Singles are fairly inexpensive, but if you make it a double or add a side, the price can jump to over ten dollars. Overall, Zip's Cafe is a must for any burger lover.

Zip's is a burger legend, now we know why. They take a very simple no frills burger and make it into something spectacular. I think that it's all in the meat. The flavor is really outstanding, and after asking the waitress we learned that they bring it in fresh ground every morning from Avril-Behl. Combined with a great family atmosphere, this burger shines!

Zip’s used to be my favorite burger joint, and it still is. HOLY SHIMOLY that place is good!!! Simple, clean and tasty, just like Mom used to try to make. Do yourself a favor and order some chili cheese onion rings. They’re not on the menu, but tell your waitress that you know she can do it. Oh yeah, a special shout out to our waitress, Layla. She got our orders perfect, and was a fountain of knowledge once she knew what we were up to. So far, Zip’s is my numero uno.

Zip's is a place you can go where everybody knows your name! Ok, not really... but it feels like it. Service is awesome there; somebody by the name of Jana spilled her beer on me and Nicole, and within seconds our server was there to help. Love it! About the grub... it really just hits the spot - perfect size, patty is moist, bun is soft, veggies are crisp. The thing that tops it all off are their onion rings. Pure perfection!

The Zip's burger is delicious and simple in this hometown favorite spot. They don't have many choices when it comes to types of burgers, but what they do offer is pulled off perfectly. When you're offering quality meat you don't need to dress it up with spices or crazy toppings. It's satisfying in its simplicity. For all you burger purists out there, Zip's is a must stop for you!

If Zip's were a blockbuster film it would be Point Break. So far, it's the best ever. Like Johnny Utah, the burger is simple but perfect. And like Brodie, it's so awesome it's criminal. I'm guessing the group will score this Cincinnati classic a Rudy. I'm giving it the extra title of the Brodie Utah. Congratulations, Zip's.

Zip's is awesome. Love the location, love the burgers, love saratoga chips as a side dish, LOVE the train that winds around the top of the restaurant. The service was wonderful. The only thing lacking was the option of bacon on the burgers.

You can't go wrong at Zip's. Its busy all the time because it's so freaking good. Get a burger and the onion rings and you'll love life.

The thing I love about Zip's is that they don't try to dress it up with anything fancy. It's just a straight forward awesome burger!!!

Zip's, the long-standing Cincinnati favorite burger joint, did not disappoint. The burger is simple and delicious, and the onion rings are amazing. My only complaint is that the dining area was extremely dark - it was hard to even read the menu. Overall, Zip's was a great stop on the burger tour.

Zip's was everything I expected and more. The place is pretty hyped around town and not just for the cute train that drives around the ceiling. The burgers were amazing. So simple, no fluff, yet amazing. Come to find out (from our server) that it all has to do with freshness.. Meat delivered straight from the butcher daily. I love Zip's and it quickly has jumped to the top of my list.

Zip's had saloon doors leading to their bar. That's all you need to know. How can you hate a place with saloon doors? You can't. Oh, and the burger is really good. But, more importantly, the saloon doors.


  1. Been looking over the website and it really REALLY ROCKS! As you said before you have changed my life! Thanks Steve and Jason!!! Awesome! Awesome! Mo from Arlins

  2. Only one question need be asked, is there a "Become Steve Fuller" training course?

  3. I went there and had a burger...it reminded me of Steak and Shake. I was not impressed. I am willing to give it another go...but comparing this place to Terry's...no contest.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I really like Terry's. I just prefer a burger that isn't so messy or need a bunch of crazy toppings to be good. For a big, yummy, sloppy burger and creative things to go on it, Terry's is the spot. For simple, flavorful and fresh, I'm going to Zip's every time. Plus, if you like onion rings, Zip's is absolutely the best (in my opinion, of course).

  5. Hey Cirque-ites!

    We at Zip's are super proud to be ranked the Rudy(the Zippiest of all the Huxtables)! We all love your blog and look forward to checking out your burger finds. We gave you a shout out in the Friends of Zip's Cafe Facebook page too!

    Layla, Your Waitress

  6. have you tried zolas in mainstroouase?? or what about peacocks?