Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bard's Burgers


The Theo!

the patty 7.7
the bun 7.4
the fixin's 7.2
the sides 9.4
total package 8.0

accessibility 8.0
the service 8.8
cleanliness 6.6
the price 9.3
"it" factor 7.1


Bard's Burgers (Map It!) is all about the Bardzilla. Ten thick patties, one pound of cheese, and the promise of a free t-shirt if you finish within an hour. Jason was brave enough to tackle the Bardzilla (as you can see above). The burger itself was pretty good, but most were slightly overcooked. For the price, it's a great deal (singles start under four dollars). We highly recommend the poutine—fresh-cut fries topped with fresh cheddar cheese and a thin gravy sauce. Probably the best side we have experienced yet. Definitely a charming burger joint with great service.

This place looks like someone bought a Dairy Whip from the 1960’s and filled it with greasy meat. I tried the Bardzilla and my stomach still hurts. I think I liked it, but I’m pretty sure I blacked out around patty #7. The fries were great, and the service was perfect. I’m never going back.

Great patties and fantastic sides. Get the Ripper and say a lil' thank you prayer to God for creating a culinary philanthropist who thought to deep fry a hot dog and wrap it bacon. Nestled deep in urban Kentucky, this simple burger joint is worth the drive. Especially if you have a friend ferocious enough to tackle Bardzilla. Beware...you'll see lots of shirtless wildcats roaming the streets on your trip there. So...in many ways it's like going to the county fair.

To say Bard's is a diamond in the rough would be an over-statement; more like a really nice piece of sea-glass in the rough. The Bardzilla is wonderful. Our own Nati meat mouth massacre took a stab at the gentle giant and lost in the final round. Commendable attempt, your cardiologist thanks you. My burger was slightly smaller but just as delectable. Throw in a side of the gravy/fresh cheddar fries and it was a fantastic experience deep (at least by my standards) in the blue-grass state. Check it out for yourself, grab a handful of Lipitor, and head down for a burger, poutine fries, and a deep-fried zinger.

Bard's Burgers was just ok. The burger was a bit overdone and they put cheese on it when I said none. But it was a friendly place and the first restaurant to offer milkshakes! I gladly drank up a chocolate malt, which was absolutely delicious. I must say I kind of want to go back just to try the deep fried, bacon wrapped hot dog. Yum.

Bard's is great if you feel like making the haul out to Kentucky. The place was diner-esque and had all that you'd hope for in a greasy spoon...fried twinkies, bacon wrapped hot dogs, gravy on fries. The burger was great. Not the best I have ever had, but amazing considering the type of place. The fries were right on, with or without the gravy. And, you can't go wrong ending a meal with a DELISH chocolate shake.

Bardzilla! Aside from the super huge burgers available (for $12 you could easily feed a family of five on a single Bardzilla) the menu items were creative and tasted great. To sum it up, imagine the very best carnival food that you've ever had, that's Bards. I really did enjoy the burger and deep fried twinkie, but I just don't think that my cardiologist would approve of me making Bard's a habit.

The charm of Bard's is better than the burger itself. Pretty cool place, the Bardzilla is inspiring, and the service was good. Fries were amazing, but the meat was overcooked. People splurged with fried twinkies, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and chocolate malts, but if you're looking for the best burger, this probably isn't it.

Bard's was a treat. The burger was pretty good, but the fries and chocolate milkshake made the meal. It was a bit difficult to find, but if you're ever in Covington - it is a stop worth making!


  1. Jason, your description of the interior is exactly what I was thinking. It totally reminded me of the Dairy Queen my cousins and I would go to in New Lebanon, Ohio back in the mid-80s.

  2. Poutine is delicious! That's fun that you found a place that serves it without going to Canada.

  3. Jason, it's to bad that you let gluttony control you decision not to go back. Bard's has become my once a week treat. Maybe the single would be a better fit for you. Then you'll have room for the deep-fried oreos.

  4. I eat at Bards (found this Blog looking up there phone # on google) and there burgers are pretty awesome but that's beside the point. My main point after seeing this blog is to tell you that your missing a major stop on the tour. Quatman Cafe in Norwood. A few years back their burgers were ranked in the top 10 in the US by someone or another. Not making that up either.. research it if you don't believe... or better yet try them, they rock.

  5. quatman is totally overrated. it's a backyard bbq burger you have to pay for.

  6. Your nuts too.. Quatman burges are great.

  7. I think the burgers are delicious. Yeah it's crispy on the outside but it's delicious and greasy and cheesy just like a burger should be on the inside. The fries are etop notch and so are the deep fried desserts. Show these folks some love and go eat a massive burger.

  8. You people are morons. You act like Bard's Burgers is in the middle of a hick town for starters. Are you serious? Go about ten more minutes along the highway and, what's that, oh it's just a major urban area. And the fact that you guys think that Zip's is so great is astounding, maybe about ten years ago it was pretty good but the simple fact is that they have messed up my order more times than a Taco Bell, let alone just whining cause you have cheese on your burger. I'm sorry it's not a five star restaurant but when you get to the heart of the matter it's up there with Blue Ash CHili which Guy Fieri deemed worthy enough to stop by. Stick to Zip's, us Kentucky natives can simply keep all the GOOD food to ourselves.