Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City View Tavern


The Theo!

the patty 7.8
the bun 8.3
the fixin's 7.8
the sides 6.6
total package 7.7

accessibility 8.5
the service 8.0
cleanliness 8.4
the price 8.5
"it" factor 8.6


City View Tavern (Map It!) is tucked away in Mt. Adams, but offers one of the best views of downtown Cincinnati. Street parking can be difficult during busy hours, but the residential street doesn't get much traffic. City View Tavern claims a great burger and better Bloody Mary, and they didn't disappoint with either. They serve a simple burger (lettuce, tomato, pickle), but its thick patty makes the 6+ dollar price tag worth it. One noticeable flaw is the lack of sides. No fries or onion rings. To be fair, they did serve a free bag of Grippo's potato chips (which are some of the best chips Cincinnati has to offer), but a small bag of chips can't compete with fresh-cut fries or beer-battered onion rings. Overall, the meat was slightly bland, but sitting on City View Tavern's patio eating a burger isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The burgers won't change your life but they're definitely solid. The view is solid GOLD. It'll be my new place to suggest whenever we can't decide where to go for a bite/drink. The Bloody Mary is fantastic. There's a buried treasure (dare I say booty) in it. Wear your eye patch. Actually don't. You know...cuz of the view.

If a friend invited me over to his place, fired up the grill, served me the burger from City View Tavern, and added some Grippo's Barbecue Chips, I would have been impressed. It was a good back-yard burger, but I expect something more from our tour stops. I love their patio and the view of downtown Cincinnati is amazing, but the burger was just average.

If there were such thing as the “Huxta-View” scoring system, I’m sure that City View would be a mid-to-high Rudy. A Huxta-Bloody system would probably rank this place about the same (my favorite bloody of the tour). The burger, on the other hand, was good, but I didn’t feel inclined to scream it from the balcony. Fresh toppings, good bun, good patty. I’m not a big fan of Mt. Adams, but City View has the view without the vibe. I’m looking forward to going back with my friends for some coldies on the balcony this summer. I had a great time at City View.

So the view did not disappoint, but I must say that I love to have greasy fries/onion rings with my burger! A bag of chips, while delicious, doesn’t quite hit the spot. I loved the fixins on my burger - all the mayo/mustard/lettuce … delicious. The burger was fresh and to the point and definitely not a disappointment!

City View was the perfect place to go on a sunny, lazy, Sunday afternoon. I loved sitting on the balcony and taking in the skyline of Cincinnati. The burger was incredible - the toppings were limited, but what City View lacks in quantity, they make up for in quality. There wasn't a selection of many sides, but again, the fact that there was Grippo's BBQ chips, definitely made it amazing. Don't miss the burger OR the view at City View!

All in all, City View Tavern makes a good burger, but the view off the deck beats anything you'll taste there. I got the Teddy Burger, which is basically the Deluxe without cheese and a tomato. The best part of the burger experience for me had nothing to do with the burger - they have BBQ Grippo's as the side. YUM. City View Tavern is definitely nothing fancy, but the experience of eating a juicy burger, munching on Grippo's while sitting in a hidden spot in Mt. Adams with a spectacular view is unmatched.

Few places in the Queen city have as breathtaking a view as the City View Tavern. The view and incredible weather we shared with our neighbors (who were just a few feet away sunning and grilling) were equally stunning. The menu is simple, just like the burgers. Not many choices, but a damn fine slab of ground beef. Although the burgers were good they were second fiddle to the best Bloody Mary since Terry's Turf Club. The spiced rim, perfect seasoning, and pickled string bean would have Brian Flanagan spouting poetry on top of the bar.

City View has an amazing view of downtown and the river and a pretty good burger too. I would recommend this place for the view and cozy feel rather than the burger. At this point in the tour I am really looking for that WOW factor; City View fell a little short.

City View makes a straight forward burger with very little frills; however, it was well-prepared and quite tasty! The owner of City View was the only person working (serving, cooking, bartending, and cleaning), and the service was still very good. And, of course, the view of the river and downtown Cincinnati cannot be beat.

Wow, what a view. The Bloody Mary was excellently creative, and the jukebox selection was interesting and fresh. The relaxing atmosphere begs (not insists, but begs) for lazy afternoons spent on the deck with friends and cocktails. The burger was served on a sesame seed bun (seeds on both sides of the bun was a welcome surprise) with fresh lettuce, tomato, and chips. However, the meat itself leaves much to be desired. Frankly, it was bland. Even with the mayo and spicy mustard, my taste buds were left unsatisfied. With the effort and attention that has been put into the Bloody Mary, the burger could be outstanding. I love the place, but will live out my days quite comfortably without the burger.


  1. so how did you guys like the view?

    you see what I did there?

  2. If you are talking about the way you were being a big jerk, then yeah, I saw it.

    I saw it clear as day. Sorta like the view of downtown Cincinnati from City View Tavern's patio!

  3. well that's just sort of mean Steve. If you think I'm one of those guys that goes for the bad boy, well you are 100% correct sir.

  4. City view is a cool hide away but the burger is over rated, #1 issue is salad dressing instead of Hellmans, yuck, lack of fries is huge.