Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quatman Cafe


The Vanessa!

the patty 8.3
the bun 6.8
the fixin's 5.3
the sides 5.8
total package 7.8

accessibility 9.0
the service 7.9
cleanliness 8.1
the price 9.3
"it" factor 8.4


Quatman Cafe (Map It!) is a well-known Cincinnati burger establishment. Start a conversation about burgers with anyone in the Queen City, and Quatman will surely be mentioned. Without a doubt, the restaurant is cozy and friendly. It feels like you're hanging out with a room full of old friends. But the burger is just average. The patty itself was tasty, but bland french fries and a limited choice of fixin's dropped the score considerably. For a great price (about six bucks gets you a burger and fries), you get plenty of food to fill you up. Quatman Cafe is worth a visit, but keep your expectations reasonable. The best burger in Cincinntati probably lives somewhere else.

Here's the thing. I really didn't want Quatman to be good because of the hype...I like it when I find the diamond in the rough! But, it wasn't too shabby. It definitely wasn't the best burger I've ever had, but it was good. The patty had a good flavor, and the price is hard to beat. I'm a fan of more than pickles and an onion on a burger, but the simplicity of that combo is part of what makes Quatman a place that people come back to. Everyone is a friend.

I thought that the burger was awesome. I knocked off some points because of the lack of topping options, but since I like a plain cheeseburger it was good for me. Anyone who likes to load up their burgers with extra stuff, this may not be the burger for you.

Quatman Cafe has a real throwback feeling to it. The burger was definitely good, but not the best. Between the well priced food and welcoming atmosphere, I'd say that generations of Norwoodians have had many a good time here. Also, any place that runs on the honor system is cool with me.

Simplicity is king at Quatman Cafe. No menus, no fruity drinks, no BS (and, unfortunately, no tomatoes or lettuce). You simply look at the options conveniently posted on the wall behind the bar and place your order. The daily special is one of about five sandwiches, fries and a drink. No matter if your drink is a diet coke or an ice cold Hudy Delight draft, they can make it happen. The place is packed with locals, probably because the service is friendly and the price is right (my bill was about $13 for a burger, fries and a pitcher of Hudy). The patty was big and full of flavor, the fries were pretty boring and the bun was just a bun. While I’m not in love with the burger at Quatman, the place is sweet and I will be going back.

This Norwood legend is worth going to for numerous reasons. 1. Ice cold Hudy Delight on tap. 2. You can eat picnic food without having to eat outside in some random park with strangers eyeing your food. 3. You live in Norwood and you're out of JTMs. I liked (not loved) this joint. It kind of reminds me of my hometown. Good, honest burgers your mom would pack and your dad would grill.

In a word, Quatman is cozy. The burger tastes exactly like what you'd imagine the perfect backyard burger to taste like - juicy, flavorful, and well-cooked. I opted out of the fries (and it seems that was a smart choice). There's a very comfy, homey feel here - right down to the little glass with ice they serve your soda pop with. I don't know if it lived up to some of the hype, but it was awfully tasty, and with my dentist right next door, it's the perfect post-cavity filling joint!

Honestly, not to be offensive, but I don't get the hype. Quatman has a pretty cool atmosphere. The patty is juicy and good. But other than that, it's an average burger with average fries. The only options to top the burger were pickles and onions. Not a huge fan of either. I've had worse burgers, but I've also had much better.


  1. I've been to all of these places you all have reviewed. Quatman Cafe has the best burger.

  2. anonymous, break it down for us. What makes it the best on your opinion?

  3. I've had Zips and wasn't that impressed. However, I really liked Quatmans. In my defense, I don't drink alcohol so for me, it really was all about the burger. While I would have liked some additional toppings, I didn't miss them. The flavor of the patty was backyard perfect. I haven't been to the Norwood location, I just blew into the new Mason location on the recommendation of my dental hygenist. Whoda thunk?