Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arthur's Cafe


The Vanessa!

the patty 7.0
the bun 6.4
the fixin's 8.1
the sides 6.9
total package 7.3

accessibility 7.7
the service 8.5
cleanliness 9.0
the price 8.6
"it" factor 7.4


The first thing that stands out about Arthur’s (Map It!) is “Burger Madness.” On Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, you can get a burger (with your choice of unlimited fixin’s) and fries for seven bucks! The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, and the service was friendly. Beware of the burger’s inconsistency—some were undercooked, some were overcooked, and a few were just right. During warm weather, be sure to check out the patio!

Arthur’s is a cool spot. They brought me a tiny beer with my Bloody Mary, so, right off the bat, they were on my good side. The burger was good, though a little undercooked. The bun was huge, and the fries were slightly above average. The Bloody was pretty tame for my taste, but it was good once I spiced it up a bit. The service was fast and friendly. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. While I like Arthur’s, and will definitely return, the burger kind of seemed like Rudy was running the grill instead of Cliff.

Arthur's has the feel like you could party at the bar or have a nice dinner for two. It's casual and the service was really good, quickly fixing some mistakes and being very friendly. My burger was tasty, even though some would say it was too raw...I loved it!

I love Arthur's, but more for the atmosphere than for the food. I had the Pepper Jack burger, which was slightly overcooked. It was a decent pub burger, but nothing to rave about.

For the record, I am a big fan of Arthur's, and have been going there for over seven years now. Unfortunately, the Burger Madness was a disappointment. I have had the burger in the past (once I think), and perhaps I had imbibed too many adult beverages prior to the tasting, but I was unpleasantly surprised by my return to that option of the menu. My burger was cooked correctly (unlike some of Cirque's members) and the topping selection was solid. It was by no means inedible, but did not knock my socks off either. The restaurant is awesome, great patio, good bar, solid Bloody Mary (with the little beer chaser...bonus!), and many other great options. That said, if you are looking for a bad-ass burger...keep movin'.

Arthur's will always be a place for drinks and not so much the burgers. I will second guess my burger ordering temperature from this experience. Normally, as a self-proclaimed omnivore, I love a good medium-rare steak, but my burger I prefer a bit more done. I ordered mine medium and it came out very RAW; the dang thing hardly kept it's form. I will give them the credit that it was a very busy day so they're trying to crank out the burgers, but c'mon, we're not just ANYONE here! I have to give our server credit, as well as the rest of the support staff, they fulfilled all of our needs; it was the kitchen that fell short. They do have a great deal with the unlimited toppings of "Burger Madness," but what is a burger without a good patty? Might as well have a veggie burger, and I wouldn't prefer that in my mouth!

Arthur's is a very comfortable place. It was surprisingly easy to get seating for ten and the service was excellent. A few people had issues with undercooked meat, but the staff was glad to cure the issue. The Burger Madness (any toppings you want for no additional charge) is sweet - particularly if you like a lot of toppings on your burger. The bun was a little soggy, and the "double bacon" I ordered for my burger felt more like a single serving, but overall Arthur's cozy atmosphere is a great place to eat a delicious burger with friends.

I love Arthur's. This is the kind of place that you'd take your parents for a casual dinner, but then go back four hours later to hook up with friends. Versatile. You can't miss the outdated caricature mural of Cincinnatians. I'm not sure if we're supposed to know who all of the people are, or if they're just the good regulars from over the years...Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name (because there's a funny picture of you on the wall with your name on it). Classic is different than old right? This place is classic. So how many burgers do I have to eat to get my mug painted into the mural? Hey artist guy, put a Bloody Mary in one hand, and a big fat burger in the other.

I was impressed with Burger Madness - a quality burger and fries for seven bucks is hard to beat. There wasn't anything memorable about the burger, but Arthur's is a great place to relax with friends and have a good time.

Although other Cirque members had issues at Arthur's, this place ranks among the top for me. My burger with Gorgonzola cheese was cooked perfectly and the bacon was perfectly crisp. The $3 cosmos might have dampened my memory and affected my taste buds, but Burger Madness will be hard to beat.


  1. i go to cancun and miss the chance the score arthur's? scandalous.

    i'm also angry that you stole my name again for the scoring system.

    -cliff huxtaburger the 1st

  2. In regards to Arthur's, All I'll say is: I hope you like A LOT of bun.

  3. Great website. You guys should try ATP (Anderson Township Pub) on Clough Pike. I'm not claiming they have the best burgers, but they have a horseradish cheeseburger that's awesome!