Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terry's Turf Club


The Theo!

the patty 8.8
the bun 8.3
the fixin's 9.4
the sides 8.1
total package 8.6

accessibility 6.8
the service 7.8
cleanliness 7.4
the price 9.0
"it" factor 9.3


Located in the East End of Cincinnati, Terry's Turf Club (Map It!) serves up quality burgers and unique ambiance. The most notable feature is the neon lights that completely illuminate the interior of the restaurant. When crowded, space is cramped, and it may take a while to be seated. But once you have a table, the servers are friendly, the burgers are tasty, and the price is right. A basic burger begins around six dollars, and goes up when fixin's, sides, and drinks are added.

Terry's is our Plymouth Rock. The birthplace of our burger pilgrimage. Best moment for me: Jason saying the Bloody Mary was like a party in his mouth - a kick-boxing party. The atmosphere is like an Appalachian Las Vegas. It's claustrophobic (in an energizing way), lit entirely by neon beer signs and full of blue collar meat lovers.

Intimidating for first-timers, but you feel much more comfortable by the time some other poor souls walk in the door and look more lost than you did.

Awesome decor. Great neon's, coolers, and memorabilia. Lots of character. Terry's is a great place for Type A's who don't mind getting aggressive at the bar, cramped quarters, using a doorless bathroom, and a healthy wait. I happened to love it.

I felt like I was transported back to 1950 - if 1950 was illuminated by a neon sun. The ambiance was excellent and the burger was delicious. Space is a little tight, but it only adds to the small-town feel.

Terry's made me want to go back the next day and have another burger...this time with the goat cheese. I loved the option to get foie gras on your burger in a comfortable and casual burger joint. The buttery bun changed my view of hamburger buns forever.

Terry's makes me feel like I am at Myrtle Beach. I love the Christmas lights in June and I love the busyness of the place. I love being able to throw peanut shells on the floor and pop the nuts in my mouth. This place has all you'd hope for and more in a burger...interesting toppings, great martinis, and perfect juiciness. Close to the best in Cincinnati.

Terry's has a good freakin' burger. While I'm not ready to say it's the best in the 'Nati, it's definitely up there. With all due respect, Cirque was born while we were sitting around chewing on Terry's juicy burgers. I love the neon everywhere; I love the peanuts; the Bloody Mary was like a nice, swift kick in the nuts and the fries are almost perfect. If I had one complaint, the burger is a bit messy. Its massive size and juiciness make it a little hard to handle. Sometimes more than a handful is a waste.

All I can say is I love the neon lights, I love the out of control amount of horseradish in the Bloody Marys, I wouldn't change the fries at all...they are incredible, and I love the bead screen for the men's bathroom door! They should rename the restaurant, "'The Incredible' Terry's Turf Club."

Anyone walking in can tell immediately they serve a superb product, and judging by all the plates, that product is the burger. I had the run-of-the-mill burger as far as Terry's was concerned, nothing too wild (something I regret). There was not a plethora of toppings available but there were some fantastic choices. At the last minute I talked myself out of the foie gras/crab meat/$11 ounce of pancetta (straight from the boot) burger. Ambiance was great, Bloody Mary was top-notch, great beer selection, superb grilled bun, and an awesome machete they loan you to cut the monster burger. Excellent.

Terry's is the quintessential burger joint - all aglow with only neon lights. While their menu contains a few other options, it is basically devoted to the burger. The bacon was plentiful - thick, but crisp. Perhaps the best treat was the french fries, obviously fresh cut from a real potato - not frozen from a processed potato. The burger was quite tall, making it a bit difficult to get one's mouth around, but the taste made up for any awkwardness in bite. The burger was juicy, cooked just right to order, and well-seasoned. All in all, Terry's exceeded the high expectations I had for it and the casual atmosphere - best illustrated by its peanut shell covered floor - made eating the delicious burger even more enjoyable.

Terry's is a virtual Cincinnati Neon-derthal. It's old school appearance is deceiving. Converted from an old "gun and knife bar" this place is now an amazing place to grab a burger. Neon everywhere. Servers that remember your name. Toppings like goat cheese, foie gras, and crabmeat. How can you go wrong? Very good burger!


  1. Did anyone else notice that Jana "Put it in my Mouth" Orwig was the writer that mentioned loving popping nuts in her mouth?

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  3. People, you need to include the address and prices of these burgers.

  4. Hey, Dan. Thanks for the feedback. These first few posts are a trial run to get the feel down before we get more "official" in the Spring. I think we may add a Google map link so people can see exact locations. Adding a price range would probably be helpful too. Thanks, man.

  5. Very good. I like it. Much better.

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