Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gordo's Pub & Grill


The Theo!

the patty 7.9
the bun 7.9
the fixin's 9.2
the sides 6.9
total package 8.1

accessibility 9.6
the service 8.2
cleanliness 7.5
the price 8.7
"it" factor 7.6


Gordo's is located right off of Montgomery Road in the heart of Norwood (Map It!). The burger patties are seasoned, the variety is excellent (Jean Robert, Hawaiian, Gordo's, etcetera), and the staff was friendly. Those of us without a cold seemed to notice the aroma of sewage outside, but the atmosphere inside made up for it. You can get a burger and fries for under eight dollars, so the price is worth the trip. Opinions varied (from excellent to average), and the fries were nothing to write home about, but overall, Gordo's is a burger joint worth experiencing.

I believe Gordo's, with the chef's connections to the infamous Jean Robert, provides the best gourmet burger in town.. The Jean Robert has goat cheese, blue cheese, bacon and grape compote. Fuggetabout it. Uniquely delicious. The other burgers are better than average but not great like the J.R. Goat cheese + Hudy Delight. Norwood chic.

Okay, here's the deal...I had a mediocre experience at Gordo's the last time and I went into this with a chip on my shoulder. I am glad to report that this time around was better, still not worthy of Jean Robert's accolades, but a solid burger. The toppings are phenomenal. A flavor explosion that meshes with the well cooked burger. Personal preference...I like more of a patty than a baseball. I have to mention the distinct smell of sewer as you get to the door at Gordo's, might want to have that looked at. No Bloody's on a Sunday morn!!??!! Sacrilege.

Good, average place. Nothing to write home about, but solid. I'll go back. My only gripes were that a) they didn't have any Bloody Mary Mix (thankfully Jason ran to Kroger really quick) and b) it smelled like someone forgot to mop up after a big Saturday night.

As far as gourmet burgers are concerned, I am hard pressed to believe that Gordo's could be beat. Their Jean Robert Burger is UH-Mazing...I'm a fan of any place that is bold enough to top a burger with grape compote.

Gordo's is the ultimate diamond in the rough. No offense to Norwoodians, but I never expected such a great burger in such a not so great location. I wouldn't vacation in Norwood but I would definitely go out of my way for the Gordo's namesake burger. Thick patty, bacon, boursin cheese. You can't go wrong.

Looking for a big burger? Gordo's has it. All their burgers are half pound size. The atmosphere at Gordo's is a mix between cozy and hip. Though the texture of the patty was a big tough (perhaps too much "packing" of the burger meat), the flavor was one of the best I have eaten. They know how to season their meat! I got the Blackened Burger which came "blackened" (seasoned but not spicy) and was topped with bacon and blue cheese - a little different than the typical cheese and ketchup burger. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Although my french fries were undercooked and rather bland, the star of the show is the flavorful half pound burger - and it lived up to its expectations.

The key to Gordo's is to go with a friend, get two burgers and split. That way you get to really appreciate what they offer. Gordo's offers something a little different for the meat lover - and they don't go wrong. Check out the Jean Robert burger with grape and onion compote, goat cheese and bacon mixed in the patty - or the Hawaiian. You'll be glad you did.

Good burgers, okay fries, great toppings. Thankfully Kroger is just a block or so away, because apparently Gordo’s is B.Y.O.B.M.M.

It's easy to get a good vibe as you walk into Gordo's! The decor is fun and the bar makes you want to have a seat. But I have to say I don't get goose bumps when I think of going back. I blame the patty. It tasted like and looked like meat loaf. It just isn't the simple, delicious, red meat that I am looking for. The search continues!

Gordo's was a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting much, but I loved the flavor of the burger - great seasoning. There isn't much that would get me into Norwood, but Gordo's is worth the trip.


  1. Definitely check out Quatman's in Norwood. I did a Great Cincy Burger Tasteoff a few years ago and they scored pretty high. It's no frills, but it's a damn fine burger.

  2. Best restaraunt ever :D Staff is great as well! Steak was amazing & i don't even like steak.

  3. Overly seasoned meat, tasteless cold bun. Regardless of all of the "gourmet" toppings they have, all you can taste is the seasoning. This place has nothing on Quatman Cafe. Sometimes, less is more. We may have just been there on a bad day but I won't be going back to Gordo's.